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Voltron | tumblr Their rivalry is the most amazing thing < < and there's so much room for romance~
Tumblr is great < < < ah Keith son!! If you haven't watch the Voltron vlogs on Facebook this :,(
I dislike the level of aggressive shipping in the fandom, [because I was really
voltron comics | Tumblr
I think I'm the only Voltron fan who doesn't ship anyone.
Voltron | Tumblr
Just some dark paladins I found on Tumblr also
klance | Tumblr | Voltron and some NSFW | Pinterest | Fandom, Superheroes and Anime
Klance is my OTP, but with the way the [Voltron] fandom treats/
altean lance | Tumblr
Idk I barely even go here don't look at me
1/5 part 2 voltron comic Tumblr: kimswoa
Pidge Gunderson | Tumblr
I blame my bestie for dragging me into the Voltron fandom c': so here's
[I think I shouldn't be but I'm still upset over Pidge
Just a quick sad lance to practice the grayscale
klance | Tumblr 3/4
(74) Tumblr
season 5 voltron trailer what
also aprobably a pidge hunk shiro comic to come | Tumblr. Hunk VoltronForm ...
ikimaru: “let's go home 💜 ”
voltron legendary defender klance | Tumblr
Lance smiling at Keith.
So I looked at the tags on my “Signs as Voltron Characters” post and
Altea prince Lance and blade of Marmora Galra Keith #voltron #keith #galra #
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RIP Lance
Won't you help me sober up Growing up it made me numb And I
People are drawing birthday art of team voltron baking Hunk a cake but may I offer
Find this Pin and more on Voltron: Legendary Defender.
Keith smiling at Lance.
cutiepiehunkbang: “ cutiepiehunkbang: “ Cutie Pie Hunk Bang Sign ups are now open!
I'm just gonna keep making these until I feel better.
I get super annoyed when people think that Lotor is gonna be this pervert sociopath in
I started voltron so
penenpad: “ has this been done yet? voltron scooby doo AU ”
100+ on Twitter and 300+ on Tumblr! Thank you SO MUCH GUYS!
❝I feel like there are too many food jokes regarding Hunk and I wish the
shotornetwork: “ 🌟 18 Days till Shotor Week 2018 🌟 When: November 4 -
SIGN ME THE QUIZNAK UP 😩🔥 Older AU's are the BOMB!!! (
Submission box : OPEN
@wlwvoltron on Tumblr
hikaranko: “ Voltron: Space Hos i'm not allowed to draw things anymore
Attention voltron fans! Please help support @saharali Kickstarter campaign of her new voltron enamel pins! Any and all support would be greatly appreciated!
Monster | Voltron CMV (Galra!Keith)
voltron legendary defender vld keith gay keith pining keith galra keith texan keith autistic keith lactose intolerant keith expanding brain memes
... HE JUST- AHH ~ ~ ~ ~ 《Credit》《@/catneylang -
we definetely have to,please spread the word! • • • • • •
... in my life. no. not that the story sucks. but I just gave up so much of study time to finish until chapter XV - TEMPERANCE. and it says this:
rosiekeith: “ An Everlasting Friend “ Summary: Lance and Hunk met in middle school
Looks familiar doesn't it?
I'm.So.Fucking.Weak. I'm going to bed
by thesearchingastronaut on tumblr | voltron legendary defender | vld | shirogane 'shiro' takashi
part 1 / 2 ° · ✧ textpost by acoolemocucumber on tumblr ✧ ·
OwO ~L • • • #voltron #therealpaladens #voltronlegendarydefender #voltronforce #voltrondefenderoftheuniverse
21 | German | female | Pan | Current fandoms: Voltron ...
This is a scenario / headcanon blog for Voltron! Please read the rules!! OPEN OR CLOSED? — Scenarios: ✗ || Headcanons: ✓ || Submit: ✓ || Matchups: ...
He makes a similarly disgruntled face when the team is handcuffed together in episode two–his attention is on the arm attached to Pidge–and again at the end ...
voltron headcanons and scenarios! | hc's for the paladins reactions to their s/o.
textpost by incorrect-voltron-quote on tumblr ✧ · ❀ skskdjs i
... for fellow members of a certain fandom, looking to find and make friends through shared love of whatever it is that they happen to lose sleep over.
Oh lord Dunno who made this but I don't want to #voltron #
shiro voltron | Tumblr
confused about everything and Back In Voltron Hell — a VOLTRON Paladin torso armor pattern
Coran, I don't know why you expected anything different Art credit to ve1art on tumblr - {Voltron Tags} #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #vld .
“Xmas Prompts 2k17: Day 2 - Welcome Home [Kiribaku] ” Bonus:
throws it
juskla: “ juskla: “ #VOLTRONVOTE 11! Hello, Vol-fans!
Try to keep up Cargo Pilot
Good wolf :D -Monse(🌈) · · · · · · Credits
3 Tumblr 1 Voltron Pinterest Fandoms Fandom and Anime Voltron Keith Thace Hypothetical .
At times like this, I really regret joining this fandom . Credits to asstrothot on
Shut Up & Dance (Klance)
Voltron: Legendary Defender | Pinterest | Anime, Fandoms and Fandom. Tumblr Voltron
pining-keith: “@pining-blue-paladin asked for older pidge or
Multifandom (^^) ( @fan.girl.1013 )
idfk whats happening here but same -Lolly - - : citrussparkz on tumblr #voltronlegendarydefender
Cr: shipping-samurai on tumblr #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #shiro #pidge #
Y E S #voltron #voltronfandom #fandom #tumblr #fanon #canon #character #
when your crush posts a selfie
Tag yourself Im me • • • #voltron #klance #lancemcclain #keithkogane #
i love klance so damn much omg. question, what other fandoms/ships/
'post ❀ ◅ⒹⒶⓉⒺ: 15.10.2018▻ Show → Voltron Artist → cravencrow on tumblr Tags → [#voltron ] [#voltronlegendarydefender ] [#keith ] [#lance ] ...
Sharpshooter and Samurai. Aw they both have names that Lance made. Credit: knacke
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